by Brigid Curran

Change your business to work intuitively and watch the magic happen.

 Kiwis have an entrepreneurial spirit with over 500,000 enterprises in New Zealand, employing approximately 2 million workers, according to the last census. To succeed it is vital to have

  • Business Confidence
  • Honesty in Business
  • Creativity in Business
    Lack of is the reason most businesses fail within two years.
    What I’ve discovered having owned 4 businesses over 3 decades, is that success comes down to making good intuitive decisions.
    ​You can be in the middle of ‘doing the business’ then it happens! – Transition/change hits you. Intuition plays a huge part in life and business success. When you hone into your intuition, you’re also adding the advantage of 20/20 hindsight.
    I have seen recruitment go wrong because recruiters are so narrow-minded and will use out of date tools to select candidates. Smart Recruiters are now seeing that intuition plays a major part in the selection process. I recall missing out on a role because the psychometric test said I would be unable to handle conflict. The person who they recruited was dismissed within the first few weeks and I was contacted.
    After the contract ended, I was told this about my personality test! The role was the most stressful role where conflict was part of it. I handled it well, much to the surprise of the company.
    This antiquated way of thinking does not serve you well.
    When you use your intuition in business and believe what you feel you will succeed. If you are traditional, (black and white) you become analytical and overthink situations, which in turn become a conflict.
    Trust your gut. Do not overthink and make decisions based on intuition. Then watch your success.

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