Brigid Curran, doing the writing for you

I was alerted on the local community Facebook page that there was brilliant coffee not far from where I live. Always keen to see what is happening in the hood I read the post.

“You must go to this cafe the coffee and food is brilliant, ” says the writer.

The writer goes on to tell you where you can find it.  I immediately put the name of the business into Facebook Search to have a good look. Not there.   I went to google and searched, still no cafe.  What a lost opportunity. A local cafe with no online presence!

Unfortunately, or fortunately an online presence is vital to share your vision, business, and skills with the community.  Gone is the day where we would let our fingers do the walking (Thank you yellow pages) With 97% of people going to the internet first. The rise of free and easily found info online has meant steady declines in profits and the scale of paper advertising.

Don’t let your business be a statistic for not keeping up with social media.  

The following five checks show the wellness of your business.

  • What do you do? Is it clear when you check your page?
  • Was your last post on Facebook within 48 hours.
  • Is your Facebook page linked to google maps?
  • Is your Facebook page connected to your Website, Instagram, Twitter?
  • Have you enabled reviews?

Consumers do check online first, and if they are not online savvy, they are usually guided by family and friends who are online

Consumers only want to feel one thing when they visit your business.


Love it or hate it. Social Media is vital for your business.

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