Turning words into magic

 As a creative writer and storyteller, I can create a brand, unique to the personality of the person or company. I can help define the tone of your voice. Whether this is in business or personal branding. It could be your company story, your brand, product, or personal story.  Through storytelling, your story, business or personal, will engage with your audiences in the way you want it to. Be it commercially, not for profit, or personal, I will ensure copy, digital, social, and content writing is consistent across everything that you do. Emotionally, making that real connection, establishing something meaningful between you and the reader.

I started a bookkeeping and typing business, before computers and when we did everything manually, then moving with technology and creating an event business, selling it to create a property management business. I have been consulting and mentoring people since 2011 formalising the joy of writing to what I now call ” Your Personal Writer”.  I mentor people on healing through writing and have created several books around transformation. I write with empathy and passion and would love to write for you!

Having an interest in making friends, having lunch and generally uninterested in school  I was labelled as an average student, one of the many in the flock who scraped through with a pass and had no real interest in achieving much more than that.  One day, the teacher asked the class to write a thank you letter. This was after a school trip; I do not recall the trip probably because what was about to unfold left more of an impact on me. I was sitting in class, distracted as usual chatting to my friend when the teacher announced the best letter would be sent to the forgettable organisers of the trip. Still not engaged in what was going on, she announced that letter would be mine. To this day I recall the look of surprise from my friends as I looked up at my teacher who had a look of utter amazement on her face. This astonishing event stayed with me as it was the only time, I achieved anything at school. I left school and soon learnt that I had an entrepreneurial spirit. If I could not find a job, I would create one. I found all roads lead to my creative spirit and found that storytelling was what I love to do.  

Brigid’s books can be purchased direct by emailing, or through Amazon.