Revamp or implementing of logo and social media

Live or hardcopy historical recording of your personal story. You can have this in a book or a personal domain that represents your family.

Whiteboard explainer for your business.
New logo and promotional material
Total revamp of centre

Rebuild of website, logo, social media, programmes and promotional material. This also included doing a live historical page of the organisation that can be updated through out the life of the organisation.

Book created with Women Centre Cilents. Collated, printed.
Creative Book

A project where women had put together stories and poems to promote for a fundraiser. I edited, collated, printed and publised on behalf of the group

Writing on the wall. The history was created and written on the wall of a community house

Website Design

Includes Domain Name and Hosting for 12 months.

Total Re do

Redo of logo, social media, new signage, display boards. Creating marketing opportunities for the community.

Website and social media build for East Coast Bay Community Project EDM setup and management.